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benfonie cpa affiliate network
benfonie cpa affiliate network


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Industry Leading CPAs on Products You Already Promote

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We Understand, poor ROI is Frustrating.

That’s why we love performance marketing. It ensures our clients only pay for results. You pay only when we deliver.


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We Get It. It Sucks When Ads Won’t Convert.

That’s why we extensively test and vet all products and services before passing them on to affiliate partners. You’re primed for success with the best assets, data and support.



We analyze brand and targeting info, establish the best marketing strategy, and price the model to enable conversions.


We place and test platform pixels, share analytics and ensure sales tracking functions properly.


Together, we analyze key metrics, brainstorm additional marketing angles and confirm scalable pricing models.


We open your brand and assets to our global network of 300+ affiliate marketers.

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Higher Commissions on All Products

Join our exclusive in-house offers and earn industry-leading CPAs for products you are already promoting. Instead of insignificant 1-5%, choose us and make 10-40%.

Custom Payouts

Are you tired of waiting 60+ days to receive your payout? Join Benfonie, and you choose when to get paid. By default, we pay out commissions monthly for all qualifying purchases, but you can send a request and get paid any business day.


Whole Funnel Earnings

With Benfonie, your earnings won’t stop at checkout. You will earn commissions also from upsells and returning purchases.


Account Manager

Your success is significant because the more money you make, the more money we make. To help you optimize your website, campaigns and increase ROI, you will access a dedicated account manager.


High Converting Pages

Each of our products has a unique page developed by our team of professionals.


Best Reporting

With Benfonie, you can see detailed stats and analyze your data in the most intuitive way. Our platform is fully responsive – view stats anywhere and everywhere.


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